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Review-Laat Saab, Gardenia Galleria, Noida

Loved every moment

Kadaai Chicken with Lachaa Parantha

Kadaai Chicken with Lachaa Parantha

It was a warm Sunday afternoon and we were randomly hanging out in Gardenia Galleria mall when we stumbled upon Laat Saab.

Though the restaurant is small, it has (limited) outdoor seating resembling a horse carriage. We were lucky enough to grab a table outdoors.

The feeling of soaking in the winter sun while having lunch was amazing. Food was great (We had paneer tikka masala, kadaai chicken and breads) which added to the experience. Quantity was more enough, service was courteous though slow. The rates are very reasonable as well (Its costed Rs 1200 for the 2 of us).

Overall the experience was very memorable. If you are looking to soak in some sun along with good food then i would definitely recommend Laat Saab.