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Pind Balluchi, Noida

Pind Baluchi is a restaurant based on village theme, in Great India Place, popularly known as GIP. Just outside the restaurant a village man greets you, and you wonder who that man is? And the very next moment you realize that its just a life like statue only. Just seeing this statue i was forced to go inside the restaurant. As you enter the restaurant, you will see a large (artificial) banyan tree. We were luckily offered a seat under it. As i sat there i felt relaxed and refreshed. I knew it was the A/C but it felt different.

Next we got the menu and started searching for some delicious dishes. We ordered Shammi Kabab & Seekh Kabab for starters, and Dal Makhani and Paneer Lajawab along with butter naan for main course. Food was served in large, heavy exquisite plates, and was superb. I became a fan of the restaurant the minute i took the first bite. Salt, pepper, mirch, and masaley, everything was perfect. Paneer lajawab was indeed worth its name.  Words like yummy, tasty, mamma mia, were coming to my mind. Though my stomach was full but wo Hindi main kya kehtey hain ‘dil nahi bharaa’. 

The service, ambiance, everything was worth the money spent.