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Indijoe, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Indijoe Disappoints


A visit to Indijoe was on the cards for sometime. Last time the project team voted for Sahib Sindh Sultan over Indijoe but this time birthday boy Rohan voted for Indijoe. We went to Indijoe Global Cuisine. The place serves Thai, American, Mexican, Italian and Lebanese. It also has a stylist bar. For lunch you have the option of buffet only, which is in a way good, if you are looking forward to a quick meal. However thats where all the good points end.

We were a bunch of 15 and finding seating together was quite a difficult task. The ambiance is nice, and seating comfortable but the A/C was a bit too cold. Also food was quite a disappointment. Though there was plenty of variety, be it starters, or main course or desserts, they failed to tickle my tastebuds. Also the fact that the food was cold didnt help either. In the end no one asked for a feedback also. Considering that the restaurants belongs to the very famous BJN group, the experience was quite a dampener. At almost 600 Rs per person, the restaurant is definitely avoidable.

I would give the place 3/5 stars.