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Restaurant Review-Galaxy Grill, Seasons Hotel,Aundh, Pune

Romantic Ambiance, lovely Pune weather and Live Soccer match Screening

It was a Friday evening, weather was at its best, and I was in Pune after almost 6 months. So all us (ex) roomies (me, Mayank and Vinayak) decided to dine out together. But Germany vs Argentina quarter final was also due in the evening which we didnt want to miss at any cost. So it was decided to go to Galaxy Grill, located in Seasons Apartment Hotel, Aundh which was playing live screening of the match.
Galaxy Grill, Seasons Apartment Hotel, Aundh is a roof top restaurant, specializing in Greek cusine which i had never tasted before, but still decided to give it a shot. When i entered the restaurant I was like wow..i should have come here on a date. The place has a pool, open kitchen, the seating is superb and surroundings nicely done. Given the fact that Pune weather was so romantic, i was missing my gf all the more:)
However the good part ends here.When the menu arrived i was left a bit startled. First i could make heads or tails of the dishes mentioned. Second their was almost no option for veggies, and third, the prices were exorbitant. Nevertheless we settled for two cocktails – Sex on the Beach and Long Island tea, I ordered a Kiwi fruit punch, and a dish of praws for the starters. Fruit punch was decent but cocktails were just ok. My roomies felt they had had tasted better ones. The starter was also nothing to talk about. Plus the quantity was so less that it was hardly enough for even two.
By the time we were done, the match was also over, so we decided to end up with the experiment and left. All this costed us 1500 with taxes.
On an all, i would recommend Galaxy Grill, Seasons Apartment Hotel, Aundh for a date. But if you do not have a taste for Greek cuisine (and if you are veggies) then better avoid the place


Restaurant Review – Vohuman Cafe, near Pune Station


Old is Gold

With no one to give me company, my Christmas eve plans had gone kaput. But i decided to still do something different by trying out the very famous and never tried before – Vohuman Cafe. The cafe is a small place located near Ruby Hall Clinic and on the way from my office to home. I had heard a lot about it a lot on burrp, and had been looking for an opportunity to visit this place since a long time, and finally i got one.

Honestly speaking, when i entered the cafe my first reaction was that of disappointment. The ambiance was nothing to talk about. The menu was very limited – hardly 8 to 10 items. Also the restaurant was about to close when i reached so they had stopped serving the much talked about egg cheese bhurji. Finally i had to contend with a double cheese omelette and a chai. But one bite of the omelette and my whole view changed. It was indeed one of the best omelette’s i had ever tried. Had my girlfriend tried it, she would have fallen in love with the place (She is a big fan of eggs and omlettes). The chai was ‘kadak’ and along with hot and yummy omlette, perfectly complimented the chilly Pune evening.

The place is indeed worth a visit and definitely value for money.