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Review – Lemon Twist Noida Sector 63

Having tried both the ala carte and buffet versions, with two different set of groups, I feel qualified now to write a review on Lemon Twist situated in Noida Sector 63.

I will begin first with the Buffet version. Buffet is served at ‘Trance by Lemon Twist’. The ambiance is decent. They also have a bar area (not a part of the buffet deal). Now coming to food – the buffet was a mix of Chinese and Indian. We started with Soup (one variety was available only – Veg Hot and Sour) which was pretty good. There were no starters available unfortunately. In main course they had numerous options in Indian and Chinese. We tried Pindi Choley, Khumb Malai Matar, Hoshiyarpur key Kukkad (Chicken) and Mutton Roganjosh. While Pindi Choley and Khumb Malai Matar were delicious, we also loved the Chicken and Mutton dishes. I personally loved the gravies of both Chicken and Mutton dishes but the pieces were huge (though very well cooked) which made them look unappetizing. Also it would have been good if the food was more warmer than what it was.

The desserts consisted of Gulab Jamun and Ice cream. We tried Gulab Jamuns and just loved them.

Though buffet is advertised for Rs 315/-, including taxes it comes out to be Rs 404/- per person. Given the complete lack of starters and lesser varieties in desserts I found the price a bit steep. Also since it was essentially a self service, I found little logic in being charged Service Charges (@ 10%). While I would definitely suggest that you give the place a try, I have had a better experience at Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri.

The ambiance for ala carte’s section is better than of Buffet’s. However the service is much slower. Infact we had to make an extra effort to get their attention every time we needed something. The food tastes almost the same in both cases. The bill came around 4300 for the 8 of us (500 per head approx). So in case you are trying out Lemon Twist in a larger group, going for Buffet might turn out to be a more economical option.


Yellow Chillies Noida Sector 63

Yellow Chillies , Noida Sector 63 – An experience to remember

It was our quarterly project party time, and Yellow Chillies in Sec 63 Noida was zeroed down on. Yellow Chillies is headed by the very famous Chef – Sanjeev Kapoor.  My previous experience to Yellow Chillies restaurant is Sector 18 was a disaster  so i was quite apprehensive.

This branch of Yellow Chillies in Noida Sector 63 has both Buffet and Ala Carte options. We decided to go for former but upon reaching the place we got to know that there was half an hour wait for the Buffet section (Lesson – Reserve your table in advance, even if you r going on a weekday), so we went with the Ala Carte option.

The interiors are very well done and spacing is good enough for large groups (We were a group of 10). They also have a Bar which added to the Fine Dining experience.

At Yellow Chillies Noida Sector 63

The menu was “pretty”. Yes they had yummy looking images of dishes adding to the tempation. Customary to Yellow Chillies, the prices were quoted in words and not in numbers.

The Menu-Yellow Chillies

The Menu-Yellow ChilliesPrice quoted in words and not numbersPrice quoted in words and not numbers

Now coming to food. I was a part of the non veggies group so will talk about that only. For starters we had Lawrence Road Tandoori Murg (Full). It had 8 pieces and was delicious. For main course we had Mutton Rogan Josh, Lazeer Murg Teekha Makhani, and Butter Naans. The service was a little below the expectation. We had to wait for 20 mins for the main course to arrive.

Both of the gravy items in the main course had 5 pieces – sufficient for 4 people. The chicken dish was good if not excellent, however the Mutton Rogan Josh was the best I have had till now. One bite of it and all of us were in 7th heaven. The pieces were tender, cooked to perfection and the gravy was just superb. It was so delicious that we were fighting for the last bit of it J.

Mutton Rogan Josh and Lawrence Road ka Chicken

Mutton Rogan Josh and Lawrence Road ka Chicken

The best part was the bill. We had expected a bill of around Rs 6000+ but it came out to only Rs 4550 (after 15% corporate discount). That just added another star to our experience.

In all,  I would give 5/5 to this place. If you are looking for fine dining restaurants in noida, then i would highly recommend Yellow Chillies in Noida Sector 63 (not the one in Sector 18) to one and all.