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Sharing is fun @ Haristo, Indirapuram


Weekends bring happiness but what adds true joy to them – Good food ofcourse. And this weekend, the smile that Haristo brought to my face lasted well into the weekday as well.

IMG_20150613_204519 IMG_20150613_210500

Haristo (meaning Thank You in Greek), is a wood fired pizza joint, serving a good variety of appetizers (pastas, garlic bread, salads and more) and some really delicious thin crust pizzas. We tried The Big Fat Haristo (veggie pizza with lots of toppings) and cheese dripping pizzas (lots of cheese with cherry tomatoes), along with cheesy garlic bread, grilled potato mexicana wraps and some coolers. Wraps were decent but the bread was a bit dry and french fries in the name of grilled potato didn’t catch my fancy. Garlic bread and coolers were good, but the catch of evening were the pizzas. They were just amazing, hot from the oven and just melted in the mouth.

Its a self service restaurant, and not very spacious. But it makes up for the lack of all this with good food. So, if you are looking for pure taste, then look no further – try Haristo.

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Review-Pind Baluchi, Indirapuram

Another ‘gem’ in my MUST NOT VISIT list

Hope you got the sarcasm. If not, then let me elaborate. Pind Baluchi restaurant, Indirapuram (located in shipra mall) failed us in all respects – be it items on the menu, ambiance, food, flavor, service or presentation.

First of all the cutlery used to serve food was highly unappealing. It resembled ones that are found at a bachelor’s home – infact even they might be better. The dish used to serve biryani was broken around the edges.

Pind Balluchi Indirapuram

Cutlery broken around the edges

restaurants in indirapuram

Steel plates and bowls!!! Amazing ­čśÉ

The ambiance was nothing to talk about. The menu seemed to be terribly short in variety – and the lack of options was more acute for vegetarians. The food was served with zero focus on presentation – the kababs were served with just plain pyaaz – that too cut in a distasteful manner. The pudina chutney was watery and completely lacked flavour (I dont rememeber having pudina chutney worse than this). The service was unattentive and slow with long waiting period inbetween starters and main course. At one point one of my collegues lost his patience and asked the waiter if ‘the food will be served today itself or should we come tomorrow’.

Now for some details on the food.

For starters we had dahi kabab, hara bhara kabab, murg shammi kabab and kalami kabab. Hara Bhara kabab was too dry and lacked taste. Coupled with a pathetic pudina chutney it became hard to swallow. Murg Kalami kabab got a thumbs down from all of us. While Murg shammi kabab just managed to get a pass, dahi kabab was the only starter relished by one and all. It was crisp and delicious. Infact we found it so delicious that we ordered 2 more plates of it.

dahi kebabs @ pind baluchi restaurant

Dahi Kebabs - the sole thing we liked

Main course however poured cold water on our remaining expectations. For main course we ordered Malai Kofta, Dal Makhani, Kadhai Murg, ┬ábread and Pineapple Raita. Malai kofta was horrible – the koftas were salty, the gravy was worse and hard to even taste. Dal Makhani was bland. Kadhai Murg only managed to get a pass. Butter Rotis were too kadak and started crumbling. Pinapple raita was the only thing we liked.

Kadhai Murg - pind baluchi

Kadhai Murg was passable

Thats not all. The staff managed to spoil even the basic dessert – Gulab Jamun. Jamun’s were served extra hot – so much that they seemed to melt in the chashni making them unedible.

In all the experience at Pind Baluchi restaurant in indirapuram was horrible – in all respects. A meal for two will cost Rs 800 and is defintely not worth the money. The 9 of us who visited the place were united in opinion of never visiting this place again. If you too are looking for restaurants in Indirapuram/Shipra Mall, please avoid this one.

While the Pind Baluchi chain of restaurants in Delhi is famous for providing a village like experience in terms of ambiance and taste, their branch in Indirapuram is a black spot for them. I request the owners to focus on quality of their branches rather than just quantity.