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Yellow Chillies, Noida, Sec 18

It was a special Sunday morning, coz it was our parent’s anniversary. We decided to celebrate the magnifique occasion at the quite famous Yellow Chillies, Noida opened by the one of India’s popular chefs – Sanjeev Kapoor. As we had heard a lot about this restaurant, the expectations were undoubtedly were high.

We reached the restaurant at 8 in the evening. The ambiance was rather dull. As its T20 season, the restaurant was promising live experience on big screen, but all there was a LCD TV, showing the match – in rather poor quality – disappointing start indeed.

Over the years, I have seen restaurant coming up with innovative ways of fooling customers, but nothing beats Yellow Chillis. The menu was quite deceiving. It had the prices written in words below the dish description in such a way that it remained unnoticeable.

We ordered Lifafedaar Paneer and Mahi Tikki Kali Miri (a type of fish tikka) for starters along with a Mojito and Fresh Lime Soda. While paneer was quite tasty, the fish tikka was rather bland. Mojito looked like ice cubes served in a glass. Further disappointed by all this, we ordered main course – Lalla Mussa Daal, Paneer Kalimirch, along with Peshawari Naan and Tandoori Rotis – hoping and praying for some reprieve. But as is famously said – ‘Abhi to bas shuruwaat hui hai, aagey aagey dekho hota hai kya.

When our orders were served my mom’s reaction was ‘dats called quantity’. The bowls were huge, but as soon as we dipped spoon in it, we realized that there was an inner container inside. So while the bowl had 5 inches depth, the inner ‘empty’ container occupied 90% of the space. Huh..

We tried to focus on food but it was highly unappetizing. Any other restaurant nearby would be serving much much better food than this crap. Our whole evening was left ruined but still I learnt quite a few ways about business tactics….THANKS to yellow chillies for making my experience so remarkable…..