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Restaurants in Pune-Review-Potoba Aundh

Restaurants in Pune-Review-Potoba-Aundh(To see the route in detail click here)

Potoba-Gharchi AathvanNothing homely about it

I have always been wanting to relish some authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, so when Potoba opened in Aundh, promising homely, Maharashtian food, i couldnt resist. So this Sunday, we went for lunch here – me and two of my roomies.

We had thali, which consisted of a dal,  sabji, 3 rotis, rice, salad, and a sweet dish. The food was unfortunately not even remotely closed to being Maharashtrian. The dal was sweet, sabji was nothing to talk about, rice of poor quality, and sweet dish was avoidable. Though the thali costed a mere 55 Rs only, it got a thumbs down from all three of us.

The restaurant is mostly meant for take away, with a few seating outside, so no points for ambiance. Service is fast, but overall the restaurant is definitely avoidable.