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The One (1), KP

Route to The One from Magarpatta City

Route to The One from Magarpatta City

(Route trail courtesy Ajay’swww.TripNaksha.com)

We had our office party this Friday. It had been a long time since we had one and all of us were very much looking forward to it.

There were around 70 of us, so a whole section (the inner section) of ‘1’ was booked for us. There were arrangements for booze, food (buffet) and music. We reached there at 8 PM. The environment inside was however quite dull. The DJ was playing English music and all of the people were sitting quietly. Aisa lag raha tha ki bahut katney wala hai. But then the bar opened (btw i dont drink) and people swarmed it, got drunk and got in the mood. The DJ was asked to play bollywood music and then humney jo dhamaal kiya….We danced as if there was no tomorrow.
DJ mixed the songs nicely and kept up the tempo non stop for more than 2 hrs.

I just had lime juice and chicken and mutton kababs. With all the dancing i cudnt afford to risk eating more. The kababs were damnnn tasty. The buffet included 3 veg sabji,one non veg dish, rice, roti and sweet dish. Though i cant tell u how it tasted but all the people surely seemed happy and content.

The ambiance of the restaurant is quite nice. There is an open section and for parties you can book the inside part (like we did). But the place is for no doubt costly. If you come on your own, the minimum entry charge is 500 rs, which of course you can use to eat and drink. If you are a non drinker then i guess it will be hard for you to finish the entire 500 and its better to go somewhere else. But i recommend this place for organizing office parties.