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Kabab King, Kalyani Nagar

Kabab King

Rajiv had come down from Delhi here for Rakhi. I have been knowing Rajiv since Infy times when we went to Kodaikanal together. So we met yesterday i.e. friday and went to dine together. I earlier thought of taking him to Shisha, ABC Farms, Koregaon Park but then it was 8 and Shisha would have been too crowded by then. So, as is my nature, i decided to try a new restaurant and took him to Kabab King, Kalyani Nagar. The restaurant says that it offers Mughlai delicacies and since i hadnt had non veg it looked yummy to me.

However the experience was quite disappoining. We ordered a variety of  chicken seekh kabab for starters, with coke (Unfortunately they dont serve any soups). The main course consisted again of chicken only – chicken drum sticks and one more dish whose name i dont remember. Unforunately both of them were not tasty and the quantity was also too less.

The restaurant was not crowded at all, considering the fact that it was Friday night. The ambience was just ok, nothing much to talk about.

Overall the restaurant s quite expensive. It cost us a bill of 800, just for the two of us. Too much compared to the size and taste.

In a nutshell, i wont recommend this restaurant and give it just 1.5 out of 5.

The restaurant could do by improving its menu card-mentioning against each dish whether its spicy or medium spicy, red gravy or green one, etc. The spicy variety of dish is just medium spicy. Taste definitely needs to be worked upon.