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Restaurant Review-Indian Summer, Mayur Vihar, Delhi

I have tried this restaurant several times but all the times either I ordered the food on phone or went for a ‘take away’. I always liked their food specially the Dal Tadka, so this fateful Sunday when maid took an off and I was faced with the proposition of cooking my food and cleaning the utensils too I decided to dine in here.

I never have been impressed by its ambience but never imagined it would be such a mess. The tables and chairs were unclean with food specs lying on them and on the floor. The table napkins were some old fashioned plastic ones which I guess they have been using for a decade now. What made it worse was that they had traces of all sorts of dishes made at the restaurant adding to the ‘yuck’ feel.

After seeing all this, I wondered what the condition would be inside the kitchen. The thought was enough to fill my stomach and make me leave.