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Flags, Near Inox

Flags restaurant is next to INOX

Flags restaurant is next to INOX

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We (me and Mota) were planning to go to Only Paranthas (near Inox), this friday as a part of our ‘friday nite boys hangout’ :P, but it was closed. So we went to Flags. I had heard a lot about this restaurant, on websites; blogs; from people and finally i got a chance to be there too. Due to swine flu and all theatres closed till Aug 23, we could easily get a table (usually waiting period is around 30-40 mins).

The place is quite impressive, it has a bar and a lounge (the lounge opens after 10:30 PM), the interiors are nice and so is the sitting arrangement.

The menu ran into pages. I haven’t seen more variety anywhere else. From Peruvian, to Mexican, to Thai, to Malaysian, the list was endless. I had Quesadilla, Fajita, Malaman Curry and a variety of Mexican chicken. Honestly speaking, i am a typically Punjabi guy, and none of the dishes suited my taste, i mean none of them beats the taste of tandoori chicken, dal makhani and rajma chawal. Quesadilla and Fahita (its like sizzlers served with rajma, tortilla, rajma and rice) were the better off these dishes, Mexican chicken dish was deep fried; without any gravy and quite bland in taste, Malaman Curry was quite bad, the curry specially.

The crowd is hot 😉 (lots of sexy gori babes.. :P), Service is efficient, Waiters are quite couteous. Now comes the downside. The cost, it will burn a hole in your pocket. Plus you will be charged 10% service tax, apart from 12.5% VAT. A meal for two will cost nothing less than a 1000 bucks, but its still worth a visit.

Review posted by Pushkin Gupta