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Darshan, Kothrud


(Route trail courtesy Ajay’swww.TripNaksha.com)

This was an expensive weekend. First went to Flags on Friday, and then to Darshan on Saturday.

All of us roomies were quite bored of eating dal roti the whole day, so Bairagi suggested that we go to Darshan in Kothrud.

Did u know, this restaurant was established in 1976. Its been 2 yrs since i am living in Pune, and i had never heard of it earlier. This restaurant also has an amazing variety in menu (though not as good as that of Flags). We opted for mexican–had soup with Garlic Bread toast (its not like garlic bread of Pizza Hut-its like normal bread toasted with cheese-dint taste that good), followed by Enchilada


and Pasta. The look of the dish was quite nice. However honestly speaking i cannot comment whether they had had made it good or bad but i did realize th

at it certainly didn’t appeal to my taste buds. This was followed by finger chips and coffee which was good. Their were four of us,  and it costed us Rs 635 (160 per head) in all which is very much reasonable. In fact it can be almost categorized as quite cheap.

The ambiance is suited for a family setting, and its certainly not a place to date. The service is quick and efficient.