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Skips, Aundh

Route to Skips from Baner Phata

Route to Skips from Baner Phata

(Route trail courtesy Ajay’swww.TripNaksha.com)

Went their with Autumn, and since then i have been quite a fan of this place.

Its run by a lady who cooks excellently. From macaroni to sandwiches, shakes to juices, varieties are endless, and taste..yummmy. Try out macroni in mixed sauce, any non veg sandwich or coolers. However please note that its a one man show (the only cook is the lady), hence order may take anything between 30-45 mins. Of late, the taste hasnt been as great as well.

Food : Well prepared, quite tasty
Service : Slow, the main negative part
Ambience : Nice, u can choose to sit in the open, or if u want privacy u can sit on th
Crowd: Good, haunted by a lot youngsters.
Cost: Worth it

The cafe underwent renovation which has given it a posh look but i liked the earlier flavour.

Also read the review by Ketaki. Its quite comprehensive and definitely worth a read.