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Ambrosia, Chandni Chowk

Route to Ambrosia from Up&Above,Chandni Chowk

Route to Ambrosia from Up&Above,Chandni Chowk

(Route trail courtesy Ajay’swww.TripNaksha.comThis is a tentative trail only)

Have been their many times now, twice on parties hosted by Kadus and once on my birthday. Its a nice, serene place, far from hustle bustle of the city. The greenery around adds to the chillness in the air. An ideal place for a romantic dinner. They have ‘candle lit’ tables arranged by a swimming pool, quite a view. Though the food and menu options are nothing to boast of,  i like this place more for its ambiance than its food. Veg and non are both Ok. Dont waste money on mocktails, they are not good. Preferably stick to the ‘tried and tested’ options like dal, kadhai paneer, tandoor/butter chicken. Yes they boast of a hotel management school but unfortunately the food is not that good.

The service is good, not too fast though but not too slow either. The restaurant is not normally crowded so you dont have to wait to find a table for yourself. The only worse fact is that it is located farrrrrrrrrrrrrr from the main roads, so you need to have your own vehicle (preferably) to go there.

Cost: It would you around 250-300 per head without drinks (which i believe is quite economical).

I would give it 3 out of 5 stars (The ambience far outweighs the food).