Review – Monkey Bar, Connaught Place, Delhi

Anything but usual?? Not at all

I was meeting a long time friend of mine at CP. We were wondering which place to try out when my friend suggested Monkey Bar. The restaurant’s website promises anything but usual so I was definitely in.

The ambiance of the place was ‘anything but eye catching’. Menu had a lot of items but for someone who avoids non vegetarian there was a dearth of options.

Menu @ Monkey Bar

Menu @ Monkey Bar

We finally ordered Chilli Cheese Dragons for starters(Spring rolls with Cheese and Mozarella), Falafal Sliders (Fried chickpea patty in buns with hummus) and Chilli Cheese Toast.

Falafal sliders

Falafal sliders

Dragon spring rolls were crunchy and tasty. Falafal Sliders were nicely presented but lacked taste. Chilli Cheese toast was bad. Infact that bad we didnt eat it at all. The service was prompt but then they charged a 10% service charge for it as well.

Overall the experience was just ok and after spending a 1000 bucks we hardly experienced ‘anything but usual’.


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