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Review – Let’s Noodle, Sector 18, Noida

Hot n Sour Veg Soup and Wild Pepper Corn for starters, Cheese Ball Shangai and Veg Pan Fried Noodles in main course, accompanied with Iced Tea. All this for Rs 600 including service charge and VAT..I would have loved Lets Noodle had i been in college (when desi chinese-value for money restaurants used to our fav hangouts). However if u r looking for a fine dining place, Let’s Noodle in Noida sector 18 doesnt fit the bill.

The ambiance is just ok, and lacks a sense of hygiene and cleanliness. The chairs were dirty, and ACs were not working properly. On the other hand, menu had lots of new things to try,  quanitity of food was more than sufficient for two, service was courteous and attentive.

If you are looking for a value for money chinese restaurant in Noida, then Lets Noodle definitely deserves a try.