Review – Punjabi By Nature, Noida Sector 18

High on cost, low on returns

High on cost, low on returns – Punjabi By Nature in Noida sector 18 matched this statement in almost every aspect.

While the ambiance was decent, the menu of Punjabi By Nature was extremely short on variety (specially for vegetarians). We tried Veg Galauti kabab and Dahi key Kabab for starters both of which I found pretty delicious (though others – there were 5 of us – found it to be just ok). The Galauti Kebab was made from palak and had a bread crust which made it look very pretty. Dahi ke kebab were soft and just melted in your mouth.

We then ordered main course and that’s when the horror began – We ordered Dal Punjabi by Nature (thinking it must be their specialty) along with Lahori Masala Paneer with Roti & Naan. Lahori Masala Paneer was infact poorly made Kadhai paneer. While we were told the dish would be medium spicy, it turned out to be on the sweeter side. Dal Punjabi by Nature turned out to be Yellow Daal, just that this one was extremely thick with almost no taste. My dad brought this to the server’s notice and he replaced our daal with Dal Makhani which was disappointing as well – The Makhani part was totally missing.

We realized that we had ended up at the wrong place but it was too late to make any amends. At Rs 500+ per person, Punjabi By Nature, Noida is definitely not worth a try at all.


P.S – The breads served here are huge in size. A roti and naan were enough for the 5 of us.


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