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Baby Dragon, Sector 18, Noida

I had been on a look out for a nice Chinese place in Sector 18, Noida for a while. Till now Crazy Noodles was my default option but its ambiance is quite a turn off. Last Saturday me, PP and Servo met to celebrate PP’s birthday. While we were contemplating trying out which restaurant to try, one of our friends suggested we try Baby Dragon.

Baby Dragon is an Oriental cuisine restaurant & bar located in Sector 18, Noida, quite near to Centre Stage Mall.  For Starters me & Servo ordered Tom Yum soup while PP opted for Grey Vodka (large) along with Crunchy Baby Corn Mushroom, Dahi key Kabab and French Fries. For main course we had Veg Manchurian with Yaki Udon (Japanese style rice noodles).

While me and Servo relished the soup, PP found it to be a better version of Rasam. Crunchy Baby Corn Mushroom and Dahi Kababs got a thumbs up from all of us (though I have had better Dahi Kababs at Pind Balluchi, Indirapuram). Veg Manchurian was decent. However highlight of the dinner was Yaki Udon. It was the first time I had tried it and just loved it. Coupled with some exotic vegetables and Manchurian gravy it tasted superb.

The service was quite courteous with the manager coming to us and asking if we liked the food. The ambiance was apt, seating courteous. Adding to that, it is quite suitable for those looking for  a place for mid night dining (We entered this place at around 10:15 PM and it was close to mid night by the time we left). The meal costed us Rs 2600 including taxes (of which Rs 1000 was the cost of Vodka alone).

In all we were quite happy to come across Baby Dragon and I definitely recommend it those looking for a nice place to savour Chinese in Noida.


Visited this place again – this time with wifey (who just loves Chinese) and family.

 We ordered Sweet Corn, and Tom Yum soup(s), Crunchy Baby Corn Mushroom for  starters,  Chilli Garlic noodles with Veg Manchurian, and Pan Fried Noodles with Chilli Bean sauce in main course. Except for the Pan Fried noodles every other dish got a thumbs down. Chilli Garlic noodles were neither chilly nor had any hint of garlic.

 The ambiance – I have already talked about. Service was however extremely slow. The manager was still courteous and came and asked if we liked the food. I could have been blunt but unfortunately I am too polite for that. So here I am writing the review, hoping that the manager does read it.

Unfortunately, Baby Dragon got a thumbs down from all 4 members, and my hunt for ‘Yummy Chinese in Noida’ continues.