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Food Raid @ Tee Pee O & Chuski Paan

It was another Saturday evening and the venue for this week’s raid was Tee Pee O. Its located just next to PVR Rivoli (though i hadnt heard of the place before). But as is the case, Chuski waley bhaiya (Shashank Agarwal) 😛 decided we would raid this place and so at 7:30 PM we all assembled outside it.

Since its the festive season going on, i have been forced to become a veggie. The order consisted of Veg Pulav/Biryani, Mushroom Korma, Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani and Breads. Veg Pulav/Biryani was served with Mutter Paneer ki sabzi and onion. Since i have had much better stuff at Paradise and Bawarchi in Hyderabad i was pretty disappointed. The menu lists it as Veg Pulav (and not Biryani) but it was too fried and spicy to be considered in Pulav category either. It was more like Fried Rice ki Biryani 🙂 It didnt taste bad but wasnt that good either.

Getting ready for the Raid

Getting ready for the Raid

I liked Mushroom Korma-it was something i havent had anywhere before and just loved it. Palak Paneer was decent and so was Dal Makani. The food was on spicier side however the spiciness was not something that would make you sweat (the kind i prefer). Instead the spiciness just lingered in your mouth and throat. The non veggie foodies among us seemed quite disappointed too.

The entire place taken over by the FED gang

The entire place taken over by the FED gang


Tee Pee O is a place where you can grab a quick bite without any burden on your pocket (The meal costed us Rs 200 per person only). Its more like a Dilli ka Dhaba. If you are looking for fine ambiance and service, then it wont suit your bill for sure.

However the disappointment was short lived only. One of the FEDs suggested that we try out Chuski Paan (in front of Big Cinemas Odeon, Connaught Place). And so we marched straight to this place. Chuski Paan is paan filled with crushed ice and topped with various flavors. It comes in three varieties – Roohafza, Strawberry and Chocolate. The only condition it that the pan has to be eaten as a whole – you cannot bite it into pieces and eat it. Once u have swallowed the entire pan and try to chew the ice literally freezes your brain and then the flavors of pan slowly trickle in. Just loved the experience.

Highlight of the Raid - Chuski Paan

This FED raid was full of fun. Looking forward to my next raid 🙂