Review-Saravana Bhavan Restaurant, Connaught Place, Delhi

Dated – 21st August 2011

Value for Money

Tired from supporting Anna ji at Ramlila Maidan, we decided to treat our tummies. After much discussion the 5 of us decided to give Saravana Bhavan restaurant a try (a first time visit for all of us).

After a marathon walk we reached Saravana Bhavan in Connaught Place. 15 mins more of waiting, and we were finally ushered inside the restaurant. Saravana Bhavan is not a place where you go for ambiance or to get a royal service. Infact the service almost tiptoes into rude category. The reason – the 5 of us were alloted a table for 4. When we brought this to the incharge’s notice, he told us we had the option of either standing in the queue again or we could adjust. We told him that if a table with larger capacity got vacated before our order was served he could shift us, but the incharge was adamant on making us wait again. Not left with much of a choice we decided to adjust.

We ordered a couple of fixed thalis, a couple of dosas, and soft drinks. The highlights here too (like in Kaustubh restaurant) were the chutneys – more than 6 in number. Their sambar and coconut chutney were one of the best i have tasted. Fixed thalis consisted of 2 vegetables, dal, rasam, sambar, papad, pickle, pooris, rice and much more. Each of the gravies were yummy and blended perfectly with the pooris (i earlier used to associate poories with choley or aloo ki sabzi only). The rice however seemed to be of poor quality. The dosas were as usual good.

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The food for sure made up for the lack of service. The bill for five of us came around Rs 1000 – perfectly value for money.

So next time if your are in or around CP and looking for a place that gives you value for money then look no further – Saravana Bhavan should be your destination.


One response to “Review-Saravana Bhavan Restaurant, Connaught Place, Delhi

  1. i think even the rice was not of bad quality. That is the kind of rice that south indians have! small and thick.

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