True Blue, I.P. Extension, Delhi

Failed to impress my tastebuds


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Had heard a lot about True Blue, so this Sunday we (me and family) decided to give it a try.

True Blue is located in  Atlantic Plaza, I.P. Extension, quite near to AVB Public School. The surroundings of the ‘Fine Bar and Dining Restaurant’ were pretty disappointing, so much that we were made to think of trying out another place.

The restaurant has two floors – one for Family Dining and second floor has a lounge. We chose to sat in the former. The interiors were as dull as the outsides. For starters we ordered Cream of Chicken Soup, Pudina Chicken and Dahi Kebabs. Though the quantity was good enough, taste was lacking. Mom found Dahi Kebabs lacking in spiciness (I think they are supposed to taste like that only). Pudina Chicken was just OK. Cream of Chicken soup was also not liked by others.

For main course we had Paneer Butter Masala and Dal Makhani. I absolutely didn’t like the paneer dish while Dal was fine (It’s hard to mess up Dal Makhani). To add to all this, the service was extremely slow. The meal costed us around Rs 1000 and a lot of disappointment.

True Blue is like a ‘Restaurant Next Door’. If u happen to live in a nearby area its worth giving an occasional try but if you are planning to travel all the way to try out this place then better think of some other options.


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