Review-Rodeo, Connaught Place, Delhi

THink Mexican, Think RODEO!

Me & Chetan had gone to see Hangover 2 at PVR Plaza in CP. After the movie i wanted to try Mexican food so Chetan suggested Rodeo. For those who haven’t been to Rodeo, it is one of the famous restaurants in CP serving Mexican cuisine for over a decade. The restaurant has a Cowboy theme with Waiters dressed like Cowboys and a Mexican bar/cafe like aura.

We ordered Veg Mexican Nachos and Veg Burritos with Beans filing. The presentation was very appetizing and the food was delicious. However it fell short of satisfying the hunger of two of us. The meal costed us Rs 1100, definitely on the higher side.

But whenever you are bored of the regular Dal Makhani and Idli Dosa, do give Rodeo a try.


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