Review – Kaustubh Restaurant, GIP, Noida

Had gone to Great India Place in Noida with a friend of mine to watch an early morning movie but since we got late, we decided to settle for a cup of coffee instead. I am a fan of South Indian filter coffee so when we came across Kaustubh restaurant we decided to give it a try.

The ambiance was relaxing..seating comfortable with adequate spacing between tables giving us the required amount of privacy. The menu was vast..I had expected Kaustubh to be ‘just another Idli Dosa joint’but it was much more. There were varieties from all the states in South India..infact I hadn’t even heard about 80% of the dishes on the menu. We ordered filter coffee and lemon semayiaa. Filter coffee was among the best & lemon semiyaa was delicious. It was served along with fresh coconut chutney which my friend found too fresh for her liking.

Service was prompt. When I asked for the bill, they enquired if I wanted to avail of any corporate discount..a first for me. We had gone to Kaustubh for a light meal and I enjoyed every moment of being there. M sure I will be back there again soon.


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