Review-Pollo Campero Connaught Place


I was in CP for some personal work when I came across Pollo Campero. I was standing outside it going thru the menu when the staff opened the doors for me. A ‘polite’ strategy indeed. The staff was very courteous, prompt and full of enthusiasm – 1/1 for service. The ambiance was refreshing – vibrant colors, spacious seating, clear floors – 1/1 for the ambiance.

The menu was rich in variety with three different varieties of chicken on offer – 1/1 for the extensive menu. I opted for the Hot and Crispy meal (not sure of the exact name) which consisted of two pieces of chicken, a coke and French fries -costed me Rs 170. While the price is ok, the pieces were quite big and unshapely, a bit of a turn off. The taste was also just ok, the Hot n Crispy chicken at KFC is definitely better – 0.5/2 for food.

In short, the experience at Pollo Campero was Ok. Though I wud not recommend the place to anyone I would definitely like to visit it again and try other varieties of chicken.


2 responses to “Review-Pollo Campero Connaught Place

  1. Thanks for the feedback ! I know you had OK experience, but we’d make sure that you have a great experience and rate 10/10 next time. That hot & crispy chicken you ordered is called picante chicken. We have 1 more outlet in Ambience Mall on level 3!
    Cheers! we look forward to seeing you soon!! Thanks.

  2. Once i visited the Pollo Campero outlet on a sunday. The ambience was refreshing indeed. Good service and good food aslo.
    I would say one should not compare KFC with Pollo, that is when the problems arise. Every menu has its own variety and taste.
    It was a good experience for me. Keep the good service always on.

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