Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri, Delhi

Had heard a lot about Barbeque Nation when i was in Pune and finally got a chance to visit it. Since it was Sunday evening, we (two of us) reached the place early to avoid the dinner rush. I had read a lot of good things about the buffet here and therefore decided to give it a try.

In soups, we opted for Hot and Sour chicken soup which was nice. Once it was over we were literally bombarded with starters. There were so many varieties that we lost count. Each starter tasted yummier than the previous one and we just ended up overeating. There was little space in our tummies but we still decided to go for main course. The menu ranged from pasta to salads; from gravies in fish and chicken, to dal & Biryani and much more. We tasted a bit of Biryani which was delicious. And that’s not all, there were desserts too. I loved their Marble cake and Blueberry Cheese Cake while Chetan enjoyed their Gulab Jamun with Vanilla ice cream in chocolate sauce.

The buffet lived up to all its praises. We ate and ate and wished we could have had more. Infact we ate so much, that we didnt get a chance to savor the taste of individual items.

The ambiance at Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri was pretty nice. We got a seating for two in a quiet corner where we could chit chat and enjoy the food as well. The experience cost us around Rs 1200 and was totally worth it. I would love to go here with my family next time. Infact if you are looking for a family dining place, then do try Barbeque Nation.


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