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Review – Fortune Platters, Sector 18, Noida

Route_Sector18_Metro_Station_to_Fortune_Platters(Route from Sector 18 metro Station to Fortune Platters)

An average experience

Was roaming around with PP and Rashmi in Sec 18 when we came across this place. It was around 4 (we hadnt had lunch yet) and as all of us were pretty hungry. So we decided to give the place a try. A narrow staircase led us to this restaurant located on first floor (next to Mc D’s).

The place was totally empty but as it was past 4 this was not surprising. The service was prompt and we were served water and provided menu instantly. The menu was rich in variety with Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and more on board. We had a tough time deciding so we asked the waiter to suggest something, to which he sounded rather surprised, and replied – ‘Yahan par sab achaa hi milta hai’. We finally settled for Stuffed Mushroom for starters, and Vegetable Lasagne and American Chopsuey for main course. Mushrooms were quite delicious, but i found Lasagne and Chopsuey to be just ok. That could be due to the fact that i dont have much of a taste for Italian stuff but then none of us found them worth an appreciation. The best part was desserts. Of the huge variety listed in menu, only gulab jamun and ice cream were available. We settled for vanilla ice cream. But what we got was ICE minus the cream. It was so hard that we cudnt cut through it with two hands as well. When the waiter noticed our plight he offered that we cud leave it and would not be billed for it.


The ambiance was just ok. A meal for three cost us 750 Rs including taxes. In short the place is fine if you want to just have a meal. Dont expect anything special at this place.