Zara, Saket-Designer Wear Stores


Overhyped and Overrated

I read about Zara on Burrp and couldnt resist the temptation to visit this international designer wear chain. So last week I along with a friend of mine visited this place. Situated in the busy Select City Walk mall, the place turned out to be an absolute disappointment.

I roamed around in the place for around 15 mins, surfing through the collection of display, mainly looking for tees, but none of the stuff deserved a second look. The material the clothes were made of was absolutely pathetic, and the price tag – exorbitant.¬†Clothes for which i wouldn’t shell out 150 rupees was prices at 1500.

Even the ladies collection was equally bad and my friend was equally unimpressed. I hope the place has done their homework well, becoz as per me, it should definitely be given a miss.


One response to “Zara, Saket-Designer Wear Stores

  1. actually , i feel in terms of homework, they should have studied the bent of Indian consumers and their taste in clothes and fabrics. What they are offering is too bland for Indians ! Getting a strong foothold in India is tough with this sort of a collection. Revision required BIG TIME !

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