Raunak Hotel review, Karol Bagh,Delhi


Raunak Hotel Karol Bagh Delhi

This feedback was given to me by a dear friend of mine, who happened to visit Delhi for an outing.

Unfortunately, it turned out be an outing he would remember for all the wrong reasons.


Hotel Raunak Plaza owner has three hotels, so making fools out of us innocent ignorant non-delhites the owner managed to force us to take up rooms in one of the owned hotel (Delhi Heights) instead of Raunak plaza.

The hotel Delhi Heights is under construction and with no staff to take care of room occupants and its ready to crumble walls is begging for mercy .

To cover the gaping cracks and holes in the walls the owner has had one of his fattest buddies inappropriately fitted at the reception forcefully pitted against the creaking chair and the desk his chair reeled under his mighty weight .This guy had no idea what he was doing there and just knew how to smile at his foolishness taking 30 minutes to enter a checkin details in the register only after making sure the world outside is not falling to pieces.

Add Ons:-

The hotel did not deliver on the promised Intercomm,wi-fy internet,Early morning breakfast.

There was no drinking water served in the rooms and when you needed some you just have to scream your bowels out to get the hotel staff’s attention.Rooms had Acs to my astonishment but no remotes.So either one can shiver to death or get baked in the damp closed (suffocating enough)furnace.
There was no escape.Thanks to  my wifey dearest  that i managed to survive the ordeal  and i’ll love my wifey for that forever.

Please note that this is not exaggeration
Thanks Wifey





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