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Great Punjab Restaurant, Baner

Restaurant Pune Great Punjab Baner

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Me and mota were on their weekend restaurant hunt, when we came across this restaurant. The restaurant located on Baner road, had quite an exciting look from outside, which caught our fancy. So we decided to give it a try. As it was quite late (around 10), we didn’t have to wait much. We were seated upstairs which is the air conditioned zone (Ground floor is non air conditioned). The interiors were Ok, which was quite a disappoinment. Also the waiters didnt have the courtesy to serve us water. We had to explicitly request them for water – over and over again. There was just one guy catering to people upstairs , and as can be expected, the service was very, very slow. Many other people, were also quite agitated with the slow pace of serving.

The Menu was very ordinary looking, and had nothing special in content as well,which was quite a turn off. We ordered tomato soup, masala papad, and chilly paneer for starters, and Paneer Handi, roti and raita for main course. The food had a distinct taste of being too deep fried, to the extent of being burnt (which i like a lot :P), even the soup – mota didnt like it at all. The bill was a modest 215 per head, which would still consider a bit on higher side compared to the service offered.

All in all the restaurant lacked any elements that would make me visit it again. I would rate it 2/5.

For more details of this restaurant, visit Burrp.


Vaishali, FC Road

Route to Vaishali from Pune Central

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Though i have been staying in Pune for over 2 yrs now, i had never been to Vaishali. So when all us roomies came out of the hall after watching the evening show of Aladin (horrible movie), i suggested that we go to Vaishali on FC Road for dinner.

We reached Vaishali @ 10 PM but there was still a queue. Fortunately we had to wait just 10 mins. The ambiance of the restaurant is very nice. Open Air seating, with the delicious smell of  sambar hung in the air. And the chill in Pune air added to the effect.

First we ordered the Vaishali Special SPDP, but i was quite disappointed with it. I have better chats, much much better ones in Delhi.

Mysore Masala Dosa, and Ghee Sada Dosa were superrrbbbbb. My roomies had Cheese Masala Dosa and they also liked it. The last thing i tried was coffee and its the one of the best i have had in Pune – much better than that of what the ‘popular’ coffee joints offer, and quite cheap also.

SPDP, 4 dosas,  2 coffee and a lime soda..all this cost us just 310 rs. A ‘more than’ value for money indeed.

To know more about this restaurant, visit Burrp.