Wadeshwar,FC Road

Location of Wadeshwar on FC Road

Location of Wadeshwar on FC Road

These days me and Mota try out a new restaurant every Friday. If the restaurant has the facility to pay by card, then i pay, else he pays. So far i have been the lucky one, with him paying thrice and me only once (we r trying out all kinds of restaurants, from road side dhabas to the posh ones).

This Friday we went to Wadeshwar. Its a South Indian restaurant located on FC Road (its on the road’s end if you are coming from University Circle/Shimla Office), but not just any south indian restaurant. it has some quite new varieties of dosa, which i had never heard of before. I tried moong dal dosa which was OK. Fruit Salad ice cream was realllllllllly tasty.

The service is Quick and efficient. The elements ‘be present’ and ‘make their day’ were present (Learnings from the fish philosophy)

Seating is open air – nice and comfortable. Tables are well spaced giving you a decent level of privacy. Its a nice place for dining with your family.

Cost wise i would say its economical. A sumptuous meal for two would only cost 300-350 Rs.


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