The Ship, Kalyani Nagar

Route to The Ship from Adlabs

Route to The Ship from Adlabs

(Route trail courtesy Ajay’

Went to Ship for our project party..and since it was Friday, all of us were in mood to dine (no wines :))…There were around 18 of us, and we had a really difficult time getting the seating arrangements done..At one point, the manager even refused to co-operate and let us all sit together. Only when we threatened to walk out he agreed. We ordered a lot of sea food platter, which unfortunately was chiefly Lobster (which smelled and tasted yuk!!). There were very limited veg options, hence i sincerely avoid all veggies not to go there.
Ambience was good, but still its very expensive. Definitely not worth if u have to pay from your own pocket.

Food : Not tasty, veg options are almost zero
Service : Ok
Ambience : Not worth the cost
Crowd: Hot 🙂
Cost: Very costly. Not value for money

Check out this restaurants review by Ketaki. She has given a very elaborate description of the menu items on offer.


5 responses to “The Ship, Kalyani Nagar

  1. “Cost: Very costly. Not value for money”

    If you want value for money go eat a wadapav.

    If you don’t want to spend money on quality food stay at home, or if you are unable to gauge the quality, you should stop reviewing.

  2. Hey Buddy!! I am new to Pune. Can you suggest some good restaurants in Pune near Viman Nagar side? Thank u!!1

  3. @Pushkin Thank you!!

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