Chillies, Koregaon Park

Went there to celebrate Autumn’s farewell. Wanted it to be special, and it was special. The restaurant had a cosy ambience, nice food, and the rain added a disinct flavor to the atmosphere.



There were five of us, and we tasted both veg and non veg. Starters included Tandoori Chicken, Chilly Paneer and Mutton Kabab along with Manchow soup. All of it was very good. Main course was vegetarian. We had gravy of mushroom and corn, which was very tasty, and a variety of paneer, which was just ok. Had hukka as well. The variety of flavors available was endless.


The ambience is very cosy, with the entire resturant divided into cubicle sized huts. The ligthing was also very nice.


Efficient. The waiters were well mannered and quick. We could manage to finish our entire course in under1 and 1/2 hours.


It Koregaon Park man, do i need to say anything. 🙂


Very economical. The entire meals along with hukka costed under 900 (and their were 5 of us).

Image courtesy: Google Maps

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