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Bhairavi restaurant, Baner

Bharavi is a purely vegetarian restaurant, located on Baner road. The restaurant has its own underground parking, which is a boon if you are going there in the rainy season. The restaurant has three different seating sections: open air, covered and AC. The open air seating area lacks in terms of cleanliness n maintenance. The tablecloth is a little too dirty if you are a cleanliness freak. It is just on the road; therefore the hustle bustle of the city is a disturbance if you wish to dine outdoors.

The covered seating section was also a little suffocating, and the seats are too close to find your own little space. We didn’t check out the air-conditioned section, which is on the first floor.

We ordered a hot n sour and a manchow soup. After that we ordered the main course, which was a variety of Paneer with roti and nan. Overall the food taste and quality was just Ok. Nothing rememberable.

The service was prompt and the person assisting us with the food was helpful, polite and very attentive. He took care of what could be needed by us, and on regular intervals asked us if we needed something. But at the same time he took care to not to irritate with his regular intervention. The ambience was nothing great. Rather I would rate it a little below average. Basically it’s a family restaurant and not the perfect place to have a party. Just a decent place to eat if you don’t wish like cooking for a day. All together I would rate it 4.5 on a scale of 10.


Riverview, KP, Pune

Went their on a ‘paid’ date with Aparna (yes..she paid :P). We were originally planning to go to Hardrock Cafe to see Outlandish performing, but it was toooo costly (1000 Rs for a mere 3 hrs), so we dropped the idea, and went to Riverview restaurant next to it.

The view was amazing – A huge swimming pool, me and my date :P, sexy breeze of Pune, the darkness of the night broken by the candlelight


The two of us had cream tomato soup, cheese garlic bread, and veg sizzlers. The options for non veg were endless from sea food to varieties of chicken, but i was not in a mood. Garlic bread was horrrrribllle..they simply toasted garlic bread and put cheese over it..huh. The rest were pretty decent, though not recommendable.


The ambience is very nice..i fact its one of the restaurants having an amazing ambience.


I guess the waiters could not spot us in the dark. We had to wave our hands to make them see us 🙂 Otherwise speed of serving was pretty good.


It Koregaon Park man, do i need to say anything. :)


Cheappppppppppp..all of it cost us just 265 Rs. Issey jyada to CCD main aa jaata hai 😉